Without succumbing to the self-referential tone of the Observer, there is an interesting NEW problem to note. Especially since I don’t believe in coincidences.

Surfing from my own computer, I am NOT able to access the Jamaica Gleaner’s homepage, regardless of the browser I use.

At first I thought the page was down at the Gleaner, but low and behold I can reach it from other people’s computers. Meaning other people’s IP addresses.

An IP address is a unique numeric address provided by an ISP — internet service provider — that allows your computer to be uniquely recognized on the internet. It is not hard to block a single IP address either. Just cross-relate the IP’s visiting each of the pages I’ve linked (and prior to visited) to at the Jamaica Gleaner, especially archived pages with less traffic. And soon as you begin this analysis you can see the single IP address those pages have in common.

I make no claim or assertion at this time, this is just something interesting to note as I conduct the work-around steps to view their homepage and articles. It is highly curious though, will be contacting my ISP to investigate.

By the end of the week I will speak conclusively.



3 thoughts on “Blocked?

  1. Yeah. I was not able to access the Gleaner using my computer through my regular internet connection, but was able to using my computer through a proxy internet connection. That isolated the problem to being either my ISP or the Gleaner.

    I spent a decent amount of time speaking to my ISP and they said they would never block a site, especially a non-criminal site. (Ex. not displaying child porn.)

    So that means the blockage occurred on their side. The real reason I’m convinced they had blocked me (it has since been removed) is the fact that my access was restored within 12 hours of this post, prior to my contact with my ISP.

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