Banned by the Jamaica Gleaner?

So, to continue with the new happening from yesterday, I have finished some preliminary investigation.

Basically around Monday I was unable to access the Jamaica Gleaner website to see their latest issue as my browser would be pointed to the default search page, or said “Cannot establish contact with server” depending on the browser I used in my attempt.

When it first happened, I took it at its word, especially since it was before Jamaican business hours, I believed the website was in fact down. Much to my surprise a second attempt in the afternoon netted the same result.

This time I therefore paid attention to my status bar and noticed a curious event. The browser actually would have a “short conversation” with the Gleaner’s server and each time their server would basically say “Tek wey you-self” at which point I’d get an error message. What is abnormal about this is the short conversation, most of the time you get a can’t contact server message there is an attempt to contact the server and no response.

“Strange!” I thought, so I simply used a proxy server to visit the site and ….


So that was how I was able to determine that my computer’s IP (internet protocol) address was having specific trouble in communicating with the Gleaner’s servers that other servers weren’t having.

I tested the theory some more by connecting to the Gleaner’s site via wifi hotspots. And was able to exclude software or hardware malfunction being the cause since the same software and hardware was able to load the site while my ISP had consistent trouble connecting. But not when I used my Internet Service Providers internet access.

Without being too technical there was one more possibility that needed to be ruled out, which is that the site was not propagated to the Internet root server I was using. This was accomplished using a server based in another part of the country.

Spoke to my ISP and was told they would not block the site unless it satisfied certain criteria – none of which the Gleaner does. So did the Gleaner try to block just my IP address from accessing their site?

What I know definitely is after blog entry on Tuesday the problem worked itself out! Very interesting to me.

2 thoughts on “Banned by the Jamaica Gleaner?


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