Coming in from the cold? Consider this a security blanket.

Just a quick post to say a word of congrats and kudos to fellow blogger Francis and Dale Wade for their vision in producing the Moving Back to Jamaica ebook and map.

The anonymous nature of the internet is such that Francis couldn’t know it but in the final weeks of studying the maintainability of this idea I followed his blog closely as a  source of inspiration to see the feedback and dialogue he was able to have with his readers. And also to see if the abuse I detected from Jamaicans a-yard towards the opinions of Jamaicans abroad were directed his way. Of all the people on my blogroll, he is the only other one blogging about JA from a foreign P.o.V (point of view).

Since this blog is about Jamaican media, it is important to note that this book  should have been done long ago. If Jamaican media were serious about their business they’d have a greater variety of products targeted at the Diaspora community and this would be one of them. Another example, Caribbean Life is the free weekly newspaper one is most likely to pick up in a Brooklyn restaurant or store. It is now owned by Rupert Murdoch. Why the Gleaner doesn’t have a comparative free product is beyond me.

Same thing for this ebook, here is an opportunity that is open to any Jamaican, and yet the Wades are the ones who made it happen.

To me this is also an example of how Jamaicans who have overseas experience come at some things from a different and better-informed perspective. Note: I didn’t say ALL things. But understanding how to make and sell an info product over the internet could raise the Jamaican GDP per capita and increase foreign inflows. There has been a revolution that Jamaicans don’t always seem to be aware of, the world is flat.

From the virtual dust-jacket of the eBook:

MyMovetoJamaica Part I is designed for the person who wants to come to Jamaica to experience the country over a period of months or years You might be thinking of making the move, or already have made up your mind, but based on what you have heard or read, you have some concerns.


Big up on the new book guys, wish you much success with it.


2 thoughts on “Coming in from the cold? Consider this a security blanket.

  1. Thanks Boss!

    I think that Jamaica’s profile in the world is so “broad” that there is scope for ALL sorts of products like the one we have created.

    The problem is that it’s hard when living in Jamaica to see what a foreigner sees, and to understand their needs enough to provide them value. This is where I think those of us in the diaspora could help in providing the outside point of view that is necessary at times.

    Here are some ideas I have had for e-books that I can’t imagine writing myself, but _someone_ should:

    “A Guide to Visiting Ocho Rios in One Day from a Cruise Ship”

    “How to Develop a Teenage Track Star — Jamaican Style”

    “Bob Marley’s Tour of Jamaica from a Local Perspective”

    “The Insider’s, Up-to-date Reports of Island Attractions as Seen by Jamaicans”

    The fact is, our culture is seen by the world as distinct, and cool. Lots of people want the “real deal” and not the canned version they get fed by the official resources. We Jamaicans could earn a great deal by providing unique value to the 2 millions tourists that come each year.

    We just need to think of ourselves from an outside-of-Jamaica point of view.

  2. Francis:
    These are certainly very interesting ideas. I might even take up one of them. Ditto for my idea that the crafts sellers in Jamaica should be making greater use of eBay and websites like Etsy to supplement their income. Some of the craftsmen in JA, esp. the HEART/NTA trained are doing superb work. It just needs exposure.

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