This blog is not your enemy

This is an open letter to tell all editors, journalists, columnists and stenographers calling yourselves journalists:

This blog is not your enemy.

This blog is a fan,  a friend. This blog wishes you well.

This blog follows your work closely, reads your lines and then between your lines. Can this blog not be forgiven for thereafter scribbling in the margins?

For standing up for those mostly marginalized by the pigmentocratic power you wield and challenging the kleptomaniac clique your silence shields.

This blog is not your enemy.

This blog is a project with a stated mission of improving Jamaican media. It is designed to judge journalism in Jamaica from objective standards as opposed to comparing Jamaican journalism to North American or British journalism. Shoddy journalism in Jamaica, to paraphrase the Prime Minister, is risk-free.

This blog is rebuttal to misguided and/or muddled opinion-editorials, especially those with intrinsically classist, racist, sexist or neo-colonial mindsets that need to be bagged and tagged.

This blog hopes to begin a catalog of the self-serving nature of editorial and news content in the Jamaica Observer. Or as it may come to be known if it doesn’t change its ways the “Boots Up Butch Bulletin.”

This blog hopes to catalog the dog-bites-man absence of news that headlines the Daily Gleaner. Everyday.

This blog comes not to destroy but to deconstruct. Then when this blog finishes its deconstructions, it will build up.

The Jamaica Gleaner can and should publish real news daily.

The Jamaica Observer can have editorial integrity and walls between the editorial content and the business framework.

The Sunday Herald can be published online in a useful format that actually changes when they put out  anew issue.

Clovis, a subject of today’s post, should have his works for sale on deviantART, and the URL to his gallery should be in each of his cartoons. His works should hang in Jamaican homes and business from Brixton to New Brunswick to Brooklyn.

That is the kind of contribution this blog hopes to make. An improved ‘Jamaican media’ is a more profitable ‘Jamaican media.’

This blog is not anyone’s enemy. This blog is I-and-I.


3 thoughts on “This blog is not your enemy

  1. what a great blog…thanks, we sorely need this kind of eye on the media. my beef with them, minor compared to the ones you identify but still important, are the numerous grammatical, spelling and other needless errors that are routinely found in all the print media. its ironic that the only column of mine the Herald refused to print was one called Pronounced Dead on the subject of shoddy language practice in all three newspapers.

    newspapers ought to contain impeccable language because they are sources of information for school children. while DJs are routinely blamed for the rotten state of affairs this kind of lack of maintaining standards has a lot to do with the general deterioration of life i think…

    anyway so glad to have found this blog, it’s brilliant, will spread the word.


  2. Come we go chant dung babylon one more time….or at least, point out that some of us do read what the defenders of babylon are writing, and that we can tell the difference between saltfish and mackerel, and that we would rather they acted like they did too. Lovely post! You help alleviate the guilt I have felt for not writing this week.

    Chant on!

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