Which news is this?

More and more I’m confused as to which news I’m reading. I have not read the news in Jamaica for the day yet, but still there is talk of scrap metal thieves helping themselves to manhole covers, and grave robberies.

When I read the news from Jamaica there are bombings like those normally seen in Iraq.  Times are really getting serious, there seems to be no difference in the news I’m reading regardless of where it is coming from.  This is going to be one long hot summer!


One thought on “Which news is this?

  1. Yes, indeed, the news emanating from Jamaica is extremely depressing , dismal and tragic.In some instances, it rivals the news coming out of more war torn and conflict ridden areas.Quite frankly, one requires a strong intestinal fortitude (guts) or courage to listen to the radio and television broadcast news, and also to open the two major dailies.Certainly,it will be a long hot,violent and bloody summer in paradise lost.RESPECT!!

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