On schedule! I’m impressed

I wanted to point out that the new JLP website is back up, since I was all set to draw attention to it if they didn’t come back on schedule on July 8th as promised. (No, I didn’t already have such a post written. 🙂 )

So far I’m impressed! Firstly that it is back on schedule given that many Jamaicans (myself often included) are adherents of what we call JPTime. A phenomenon whereby a church banquet that starts at 6:30pm actually plans to serve dinner no earlier than 8:00pm so that latecomers don’t miss out.

My favorite recent example of JPTime was a family reunion at which the MC pointed out, as the program started an hour late, that due to daylight saving time, it was technically on-schedule in Jamaican time.

But anyway, outside of the redesign being actually on time, it is a pretty well-done website. It has a landing page so that the site loads quickly when someone types in the domain name, uses a favicon icon in the address bar, has RSS capability and my favorite is incorporation of web 2.0 tools like Flickr, Myspace, and YouTube. Now, if we could only get our newspaper websites to do that. In addition there is a webmaster’s blog, a Cafepress store, and the ability to create an account. The JLP even has a party upcoming to celebrate the launch of the new site and promote it. Of course this is certain to garner coverage in the major dailies and drive traffic to the new website.

The technological supremacy of the JLP ads were a huge part of their electoral success in 2007 so it is interesting to compare the PNP website, which uses flash animation very well on the home page. The PNP unfortunately also has a song that starts unexpectedly when you’re wearing headphones with the volume turned up — only mildly annoying.

They would seem almost a match with the JLP site winning out by a small, but still significant, margin. (Is that art imitating life?) Objectively, many of the features are similar. One thing I feel compelled to point out, given a previous discussion here, is the quality of the Lisa Hanna photo on the PNP frontpage when compared to the photos of the two men. The quality of her photo is head and shoulders above the two mens’ pictures. And that is a content-neutral observation — a nuh just tru she cute.

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7 thoughts on “On schedule! I’m impressed

  1. With all that said about both the JLP and PNP websites.So,when is the election?

  2. “No give way black dog fi monkey.” If I were wielding power in Jamaica right now there is no way I would call a general election. Between the price of food and energy externally; and the rise in crime locally; it is possible the JLP will narrow their margin or lose the election entirely. Even if Dabdoub wins his suit, Bruce would be well advised to not call a general election. More on this later.

  3. oh there’s no doubt the jlp would lose if an election were called now, they just barely scored a victory in the last one remember?

    glad you’re offering critical commentary of this sort. that point about the lisa hanna photo vs the Pickersgill or Peart photos proves something that i’ve been claiming for some time; That little or no thought is given to the visual–people are very careful about their personal appearance, about looking criss and boasy and wearing the latest styles, but there is no accompanying sophistication in the employment of graphics and design when it comes to the print media or even tv…just look at the logos of tvj or cvm…old and fuddy duddy as opposed to cool and spiffy is what rules…

  4. don’t be too impressed. that’s just the slick corporate savvy of the technocapitalist class at work. the jlp prides itself on being like what we are supposed to imagine a modern political party might look like. and the one thing they’ve been intent on since that damn manifesto is to promote a corporate, well-ordered image of the party, and to begin to lay the groundwork for how they imagine all of jamaica should be. the “lock up poor people” business is a part of the new jlp order m’dear. the quality of the pic thing – eh – they’ll fix that. JLP won’t lose the election; it will be close, but they won’t lose. we just too gullible. just give we some nice looking brown people and some iphones, and we stop thinking and we start skin up we teet’ like is chrismus. the electorate is still too young and unsophisticated in its thinking. besides, there is no real choice here, is there? but, i can be surprised and proven wrong. in fact, i love surprises of this kind.

  5. As a consequence of time constraints, I was not able to review the websites of either the JLP or the PNP in any great detail when you addressed them initially. Anyhow, I had some time today, and decided to review both sites.I find both sites rather interesting and I am extremely pleased that both parties are now embracing technology in terms of communicating with the people of Jamaica, and also as a means of campaigning.Comparatively,I would give the JLP an edge in terms of their site. Apparently, they are more advanced on the learning curve in terms of the incorporation and utilization of computer technology in campaigning as evidenced in the September 3rd, 2007 general election.Nonetheless,what I find rather unfortunate, but hopefully, this will change in the medium term, is that the majority of Jamaicans will not be able to access these sites for sundry information, based on the fact, that computer usage and literacy is still extremely limited , specifically, with respect to certain social strata/classes of the society.With both sites now operational, does this suggest that an election is imminent post the Abe Dabdoub imbroglio and the concomitant constitutional issues?

  6. If Bruce calls an election after the way his government has dealt with external shocks and internal crime he is a gambler who is not to be trusted with the mortgage money.

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