Now twittering

A new and innovative tool, almost universally acclaimed, which is taking the internet by storm is twitter, a blog for short thoughts (with 140 characters max) that allows quick posts on the go (can be updated by text message as well as by internet.)

After some trouble I have been able to add a Twitter RSS to the sidebar and will post short updates there periodically in between full posts. A Twitter update is called a ‘Tweet,’ and I will be tweeting.


4 thoughts on “Now twittering

  1. It wicked man, and you dey pon blogspot wey them have better integration wid Twitter.

    Ever feel like there was a thought you wanted to blog, but couldn’t get to it as faas as yu want. Just tweet it until you get di chance fi expound.

  2. Yuh really been twittering. Tweet, tweet, tweet is all we getting these days. What’s with that? I’m not one to talk about being absent from the blog, but I can give a fellow blogger grief, can’t I? Come back soon!

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