This is a meta-post about blogging. As I pass 2,000 page views I-and-I would be remiss if I didn’t say


Thanks for reading this blog, for making it worthwhile to continue.

When I started this endeavor I wasn’t sure how it would be received, especially since it was started at a time when I felt there was  a lot of unfair criticism being directly at Jamaicans who don’t live in Jamaica by people, like Portia Simpson-Miller, who were likely there in the audience clapping loudly when Michael Manley said “there are five flights to Miami per day.” And while I am not in America at Manley’s exhortation I still had apprehensions about the ease with which the views of Jamaicans in the diaspora may be dismissed as idealistic or detached from on-the-ground reality. It has been a very pleasant surprise to see that not all the ideas of Jamaicans living overseas are readily dismissed.


5 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Congratulations on passing two thousand hits. Also, just continue expressing your views, thoughts,critiques, and ideas vis-a-vis the media in Jamaican society. Your perspective and outlook is a refreshing,welcome and definitely a needed one.Rational minds will assess and evaluate them based on their merit, credibility,worthiness, plausibility, and intellectual honesty, irrespective of where one resides, whether in Jamaica, or, in the diaspora.RESPECT STAR!!

  2. congratulation on reaching 200 views, I know how you feel. looking forward to nuff nuff more blogging

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