People for a Pay Raise for Clovis

I’m tempted to form a new advocacy group, American-style — People for a Pay Raise for Clovis. I really don’t care how much he’s already making, it is apparent Butch can’t possibly be paying Clovis enough to push this agenda so extraordinarily well. The Butch Stewart Newsletter Daily a.k.a the Jamaica Observer continues to efface any pretext of editorial independence or integrity, but damn this is funny! I had to laugh with them on this one.

There is, however, a distinctly fine line between someone laughing with you and someone laughing at you.

I recently logged on to the Observer to see the “news” story headlined “Butch Stewart superstar!

You're a shining star, no matter who you are, shining bright to see, what you can truly be
You're a shining star, Mr. Stewart

I read the article, rather incredulously, the news logo above it being the most potent punchline I’d seen all that week. I mean I was laughing out loud, and riotously at that. They have absolutely no shame!

Since I was in the process of critically assessing my mission and motivations behind this blog at the time due to my grappling with whether to publish the Aborted Crime Plan post advocating the outting of homosexuals as a political device; I didn’t comment, I simply let it pass. I told myself that, thinking critically, perhaps it’s sad Butch Stewart lives in a country where his accomplishments wouldn’t be recognized by a rival newspaper, the Jamaica Gleaner; with the chairman of a competing hotelier group on its board — Missa Issa. At least the story had a byline, although again no note is made of the fact Butch Stewart owns the Jamaica Observer. Desmond Allen must be proud of this piece.

But after the riotous laughter came the sadness, at the state of print media in Jamaica. So much trouble in the world, but this a wha pass fi news a Jamaica.

Dem sailing on their ego trip, blast off on their space ship,

A million miles from reality, no care for you, no care for me.

Quote: Bob Marley as sung in “So much trouble in the world”

As an older gentleman I knew would say “Poor us, Man …chester.”

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8 thoughts on “People for a Pay Raise for Clovis

  1. Hey, i wondered if you were going to comment on the Observer reverting to house rag…did you see the front page editorial yesterday on the Riu story again? Not even the phenomenal feats of the Jamaican Olympic team had warranted a front page editorial!

    Sign me up as a member of the Clovis pay raise Club, did you see the one he did of Marion Jones lounging in prison watching the Jamaican women sweep the 100m? Priceless! “See why i had to take drugs?” she asks readers. I’ve posted it on my blog…

  2. Please jog my memory: didn’t somebody else hypnotize or cast a spell on the former administration sometime back, when in a trance PJ gave away Air Jamaica, and then collaborated with the hypnotist to build a Whitehouse — or was it a white elephant? Exactly why did that spell lose its hypnotic effect?

  3. I really laughed when I saw that Marion Jones cartoon.

    I’d love somebody to explain to me how Riu got that 4th floor passed. How much money did the COUNTRY make out of that deal?

  4. @ Annie:
    The Marion Jones cartoon was absolutely hysterical, and fed into something I’ve heard several Jamaicans in the US say — which is that without BALCO and steroids like “The Clear”– Americans are not performing to standard in certain sports.

    @ Ellie:
    I truly believe that the merchant class in Jamaica are only committed to the “P” in profit. This is a country where even while we were most tribalized the well-to-do business families always made sure one prominent brother was a Comrade, and another a Labourite. So Butch, being the master hypnotist himself switched sides quite publicly, and is perhaps just jealous that the Spanish Ambassador (and make no mistake, the cartoon is depicting the Ambassador) is proving a better hypnotist than Butch.

    I have a question for Butch though, he owns hotels in other places like the DR, a Latin American country where Spain and its interests are more powerful. Is the fight Butch is picking with Spanish interests going to backfire as he seeks to expand in these regions?

  5. Jamaican politicians have mastered/perfected the politics of kow towing, genuflection,deferential,fawning and obsequious behaviour and psychology in a manner,that it appears as if they are constantly hypontised by foreigners, even when laws are broken and totally compromised by such foreigners, which may have adverse, or, negative effects on locals.This caricature by Clovis is so apt, and on target in its revelation of another bought puppet/politician.

  6. Speak about geuflection and politicians being played and manipulated like marionettes by foreign interests.Today’s caricature,in the Tuesday, September 9th,OBSERVER , by CLOVIS ,of the Minister of Tourism pandering, groveling and sucking up to American Airlines with a ton of cash, while an economically disabled and severely damaged Air Jamaica languishes in the back ground, in essence, delineates a rather anguished,ruinous,pathetic, and troublesome economic picture of Jamaica.Indeed,such actions are extremely dreadful and lamentable!

  7. I’m not really surprised by Bartlett and GOJ’s action here — not sure if I disagree or agree. Dog nam dem supper if AA declares bankruptcy again though. With the speculation about Israeli or US action against Iran I will not be surprised by the fall-out when it does finally happen — oil will shoot through the roof.

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