A lie she a tell?

The core of the argument is that those who now back Peter Phillips are simply prejudiced against her because she is woman of modest origins and black. In a most stunning display of her signature irrationality, Simpson Miller has drawn a straight line from the treatment of the slaves to the treatment of black Jamaicans in colonial times to the treatment of herself by the inheritors of the Drumblair heritage – the supposed elitists. Black against white. Rich against poor. Man against woman. Those who have a different view of the future of the PNP are against Simpson Miller.

Mark Wignall, Sunday Observer, August 31, 2008

The above quote by Mark Wignall in his Sunday column is meant to chastise Portia for her “signature irrationality” in contending that many of her detractors are motivated by her “pedigree” more than they are motivated by her performance.

Whereas I would never indict ALL supporters of Phillips with the charge of racism and sexism, is there any doubt that many, if not the majority of them, are motivated either by their own sexism and racism or what they percieve to be the racism and sexism of others?  Is Wignall that blind?

Least we forget:

Las May's depiction of the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller
Las May's depiction of The Most Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller

It was the Jamaica Gleaner that depicted Simpson-Miller as a “virago” as a reminder of her class origins. And let no-one pretend that if Portia had asserted that the PM is not responsible for crime strategy, in the way that Bruce did, both the Observer and Gleaner would have been braying for her resignation. If Bruce had to contend with the raw-deal-press that Portia was given he would have resigned or called an election already.

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9 thoughts on “A lie she a tell?

  1. hey DD,

    yeah tell them like it is…you wouldn’t believe the level at which these matters are discussed here. i don’t know if people are blinded by their prejudice or their stupidity. what’s alarming is that what passes for public commentary in these parts assumes their audience is no more intelligent than them!

    I see the Las May cartoon is missing! did the Gleaner disallow it? Just take a digital photo of it and put it on instead…fair use since you’re critiquing it…

    and am i ever relieved to hear you’re back from holiday–

  2. ok the cartoon’s up now. didn’t show the first time i looked at your post.

    i have another one in a similar vein, will put it up on my blog one of these days…

    wrote several columns about the unacknowledged class war when i wrote for the herald.

  3. @ Annie:
    Actually what happened was I got an automatic email notification of your comment; logged in; and saved the picture from its location; and then updated the post per your comment.

  4. The bar for political leadership of the PNP has been severely and extremely lowered, but not only lowered,the bar has been tossed in the Caribbean sea.

  5. Diatribalist, with respect to your question, Jamaican Dawta’s blog, LIFE UNSCRIPTED ON THE ROCK , asked the question, what is your verdict after one year of the Golding administration? I offered a response to this question, which may provide some light on my perspective of Golding’s performance. My comment can be accessed from the following address:
    Please review at your convenience.Nuff respect star!!

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