A moment brought to you by old time people

Seeing Las May’s cartoon today; coming as we approach Golding’s 1-year anniversary in office; I am reminded of a fable by those ubiquitous Jamaican “old time people.”

Hog ask him mother; “Mummy why yu mouth so long?” To which his mother responded “Grow come, a world you dey.” I think the PM would have heard that one throughout his whole first year.

Once again, I assert that if Bruce had to deal with the ferocious and captious press corps that Portia did, he would have resigned or called an early election. Last year after Dean, the press in Jamaica carried on as if it was Portia that caused the storms; they were sure to savage her administration’s response and even took a while to decide if the rap they would lay at her feet was that 1) she was too slow and inefficient in delivering aid or 2) she was too selectively partisan in her efficient distribution of aid. There is no such comment in the aftermath of Gustav, since there is no election to throw to the Opposition this time around.

Do people realize that murder in Jamaica continues unabated despite the fact it is no longer dominating headlines in the way it was before the Olympics? We are still approaching a record annual murder rate to add to the track-and-field records.

Billboard for Bolt in NYC
Billboard for Bolt in NYC

There is this billboard for Usain Bolt/PUMA in NYC now, just below 14th St. And if it is very big for a ground level billboard, it is also very well-lit, so as to visually dominate the traffic island where it is located both day and night.

You’ll note the big “JAMAICA” printed on Bolt’s chest. When we win, we will get recognized for it — more importantly by ourselves than others. But in order to win we have to do those things of which victory is a  natural consequence. Bruce has spent the last year pretty much in a holding pattern in terms of dealing with vice and corruption in Jamaica. It is as “risk-free” under his government as it was under any other. And the painful lesson for all of us is something old time people in these United States are fond of saying: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, in the same way, over and over again — but expecting a different result.”

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3 thoughts on “A moment brought to you by old time people

  1. @ Stunner
    What! PUMA did strike gold with Jamaica too, a billions dem mek off wi flag and wi colors.

    Still, regarding Golding – the buck have to stop somewhere at some point. When will he be responsible for something? After 1 year, a nuh time now?

  2. Yes,indeed,the commodification of Lightning Bolt,Super Bolt, Thunder Bolt and of course,the BLACK, GREEN and GOLD by PUMA.

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