“Income” and “Class”

Just a quick post to air a pet peeve of mine as I catch up with Jamaican media. Given the prevalence of classism in Jamaica I want to note that income and class are not really synonymous in the strictest sense of the words.

It has been my experience — and I suspect yours — that some of the lowest class people I’ve met had the highest income. And some of the lowest income people I’ve met, had the highest class. This was more pronounced in Jamaica than anywhere else.

As such, I really wish people would say “low-income” and not “low-class.” All too often people say the later when they intend the former.

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3 thoughts on ““Income” and “Class”

  1. Star, I do comprehend what you are saying with respect to class and income.Nonetheless,aworking definition of CLASS,on your part,would lend or allow for a greater level or degree of comprehensibility, with respect to your expectations and utilization of a value laden term such as CLASS.Some sense or semblance of deconstruction of the term and its conceptual meaning and application may be required. If not, deconstructed, the utilization and application of the term will be constantly problematic. Nuff respect star!!

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