Funny or offensive?

So I saw a video on YouTube by a pretty popular cartoonist/animator in the US named Seth MacFarlane, whom you may know as the creator of Family Guy and American Dad. The cartoon is sponsored by Burger King and is part of a series called the Calvacade of Cartoon Comedy.

The video’s title is: “Why Bob Marley should not have acted as his own attorney”

So my question is: what is your impression of the cartoon? Is it offensive or is it funny?

Feel free to leave a reply below to explain your impression. And vote in the sidebar poll if you haven’t already.

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4 thoughts on “Funny or offensive?

  1. @ Longbench:
    I’ve heard about this, hadn’t seen the pictures. With 50 days out B.O. needs to get this race issue in the background and do serious damage to JMac’s candidacy. I still believe the way to do that damage is to find Palin’s toxic secret — and everybody has one. But so far nothing that sticks is coming up. The waffle box is offensive and troubling; but they know what they wish to emphasize in bringing it up and the know why they wish to emphasize that at this time. I bet you if I was selling a JMac brand of diapers the media wouldn’t be so quiet about it.

  2. funny yes. I used to ask the same question that is, so it’s ok to shoot the sheriff and not the deputy? that until u listen to the rest of the song and u hear that is was in self defence following sheriff’s constant harrassment etc. so yes ‘im shot di sheriff, but not di deputy! ooo oo oooo!

  3. @ Kurt:
    LOL! I’ve never thought about it before, but essentially what Bob Marley admitted to was engaging in illegal behavior (by cultivating ganja); ignoring warnings from a lenient sheriff; and then shooting the sheriff who was in the line of duty intercepting Marley as he committed a crime (cultivating ganja).

    Maybe he really shouldn’t have acted as his own attorney — ‘self-defense’ is not going to work in that scenario.

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