Inna rub a dub style

Centerstage and a head above
A trip back to the Winners' Circle

The much-maligned Mrs. Portia Simpson-Miller; current president of the seventy-year-old People’s National Party; has survived the unprecedented leadership challenge by long-time party stalwart Dr. Peter Phillips. Previously, no incumbent president of the People’s National Party has ever faced a challenger for re-election to the post.

This win comes despite the relentless bias Mrs. Simpson-Miller faced from the two Jamaican national daily newspapers; which both fell short of an outright editorial endorsement for Phillips; but made no secret of their desire to see Simpson-Miller leave power in ignominy and disgrace via their opinion editorials and slanted news coverage.

In the perennially prophetic words of iconic reggae superstar Bob Marley, the Jamaica Gleaner and Jamaica Observer each “drew a bad card.” Through victory, Mrs. Simpson-Miller has been vindicated.

This blogger anxiously awaits new commentary from both editorial boards; and especially from frequent booster of Dr. Peter Phillips’ candidacy, noted Jamaica Observer columnist Mr. Mark Wignall.


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