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Senator Obama is facing an important moment that will determine his defeat or victory in this campaign and it is extremely important that he get it right. John McCain, who is tanking in the polls in the fallout of the economic crisis, has decided that he will “suspend the McCain-Palin campaign”, pull his campaign commercials, and seek a delay to the presidential debate scheduled for Friday, Sept. 26, 2008. McCain is claiming that he is putting “Country First.”

Given Obama’s penchant for caution, I want to lay out the case to stay the course and continue to fight. Senator Obama should let John McCain try to pull off his political gimmick of “suspending his campaign.” However, Senator Obama should not fall for this okey-dokey, rope-a-dope move because Senator Obama is winning and John McCain is losing. The latest polling shows a clearly widening lead for Senator Obama; as the economic crisis deepens, Americans rightly perceive the Republican Party dogma of free-market fundamentalism as a culprit and causal factor in this crisis…..(cont’d)

Source: Dwight Dunkley, Huffington Post

You can finish reading the opinion at Huffington Post.


4 thoughts on “New piece at Huffington Post

  1. Excellent piece!! Indeed, a ten point lead in the polls by Senator Obama will definitely neutralize “the Bradley Effect” in the voting booths.

  2. @ Stunner:
    I actually haven’t seen the debate yet, as I changed my plans at the last minute. My understanding from reviews by pundits on TV and the pundits in my barbershop that Obama did very well but missed crucial opportunities to smack/attack McCain.

  3. I saw the debate. Obama did very well, but one is of the view, that he was a little too deferential to McCain, and as you rightly contend did not seize on crucial opportunities to attack. Also, some of the issues pertaining to the financial crisis/imbroglio were not addressed by either candidates with any sense of comprehension, mastery, or deftness.McCain was actually discourteous/ungracious.He — Senator John McCain— was not able to look Obama in the face throughout the entire debate, and constantly referred to Obama as naive, lacking experiencing, and that he, Obama, does not understand.With two debates remaining, the O’man will definitely improve.

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