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Someone must be watching out for Usain Bolt, protecting his image and his interests, right? This is a video on YouTube with overwhelmingly negative feedback both in ratings and text comments. Seems like something of a backlash.

Oddly everything I’ve read about how to get a  viral video on YouTube strongly advises to get have a sexually risque image dead center in the middle of the video so it is the video image people see when they are deciding to view that video or not.

What do you think of this video ad by PUMA? Do you find it offensive? Is it good for Usain Bolt to be in it?

Update: @ 5:00pm in New  York

The video called “Batty Shake” is still an ad on the front page of YouTube however it now has over 100,000 views and still has only an average rating of 2/5 stars from registered users. More negative text comments as well.

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11 thoughts on “Image is…

  1. Duh, me a beg yuh!

    Jus’ tell me seh is not Puma mek up dat deh foolishness deh, an’ ah smaddy whe faava Usain inna di video, but anno really ‘im.

    If that’s really Usain, he has extremely poor judgement and is starting to look like a money-grubber.

  2. The objectification of women and the commodification of Mr.Usain Bolt as depicted in this PUMA commercial is indeed totally gross, blatantly boorish and extremely licentious.Certainly, Mr. Bolt goes to the bank smiling, as a consequence of his stellar accomplishments and the concomitant endorsements from major companies such as PUMA.Nontheless, Mr. Bolt and his handlers should exercise some sense or semblance of judgement as to what he places his name on or associate with.Indeed,some form of quality management with respect to commercial content should be employed.Also,content which depicts the objectification of women should be categorically eschewed.

  3. Well yes Usain is an moneygrubber as nearly all professional athletes will become….The video wrong though…does nothing for the product or the endorser

  4. Dem tek it down missis! Next time mi haffi save it fus.

    This was an unmitigated boondoggle of an ad for PUMA. Speaking as someone who has spent no less than at least 8 hours cumulatively (note: not consecutively) watching booties shake on Youtube; I have never seen the kind of backlash against the exploitation of a woman in a video like I saw for this. Firstly they put this ad on the front page of Youtube and selected a model that doesn’t have a “batty” that can really shake. If they were going to do this, the execution should have been better. They should have picked a top performer from Passa Passa whose shaking would truly produce positive feedback from the men.

    Secondly, given the connection to a slur for homosexuals (“battyboy”) I have no idea why PUMA chose the word “batty” as part of the title. I think that the title set up Usain in future for what I call “The Shabba Question” about ‘Jamaican intolerance for homosexuality.’ I just hope Usain has his answer ready for the question: “So would you ever use your immense popularity to encourage acceptance of homosexuals in your native Jamaica.” Shabba didn’t have an answer ready when they asked him in 1992 — Usain better have his ready now.

  5. too funny! “a model that doesn’t have a “batty” that can really shake.”

    yes, you’re right bout them asking him the billion dollar question…it’s inevitable…hope he doesn’t emulate the PM!

  6. Did see the video and thought there was, indeed, not a whole lot of batty to shake. The whole thing struck me as juvenile and amateurish. Puma and Bolt must can do better than that.

    The more worrying thing is that Bolt is quickly turning into this comic strip figure – Boltman, I guess. Wonder whose idea all this is but it will undermine his credibility and, ironically, probably also his money-earning potential in the long run. It’s a shame, really, since he is a great athlete and, I would like to think, not an idiot.

  7. Granted, Mr. Usain Bolt’s circumstances are culturally and qualitatively different, with respect to great athletes such as Tiger Woods (Golf) and Michael Jordan (Basketball), specifically, since he is not an American.Nonetheless, the subject is the same, i.e., the commercialization and commodification of a great athlete by sundry corporations. Certainly, if Mr. Bolt is interested in great commercial success akin to Messrs. Woods and Jordan, he, Mr. Bolt, may want to study the commercial paradigms of both Woods and Jordan and incorporate aspects that/which are applicable to his particular circumstance(s) , as opposed to capriciously squandering his credibility and social capital in nonsensical endorsements devoid of any elevating and edifying content.

  8. He is 23 and could be made into an idiot with lack of solid counsel, devaluing his career by becoming a caricature of himself. The folks at Puma need to develop a philosophy from his accomplishment into their taglines, something universally inspiring like Nike’s “Just do it.”

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