Push Back?

PNP Chairman Robert Dixon Pickersgill
PNP Chairman Robert Dixon Pickersgill

Increasingly I am beginning to wonder if the Jamaica Labour Party is happy in power; I have begun to believe that they have wearied of forming the Government and cannot wait to be back in Opposition benches. When I see the Most Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller and the PNP running rings around the JLP with no effective push-back, I have to wonder.

For example, I find it fascinating that PNP Chairman Bobby Pickersgill is able to call multiple press conferences and demand for the resignation of Bindley Sangster and other JUTC board members; as well as Transport Minister Mike Henry.

And whereas I agree with Pickersgill that the JUTC board members should resign, I don’t yet think that this matter meets the standard for calling for Mike Henry’s resgination. That’s just my opinion and reasonable people can disagree. Pickersgill and the PNP have their reasons for calling for Henry’s resignation and it is all driven by politics and self-interest (as it should be.) But where is the adroit political response by the JLP?

None of the reporters in the room at the first press conference pointed out to Pickersgill that under the same logic that causes him to call for the resignation of the JUTC board and Mike Henry, he should also be calling for MP Kern Spencer to resign from parliament. Like Kern Spencer, these men are simply accused of wrong-doing. They have faced no jury and no judge as yet.

So how is it that the press gathered at the first press conference were more interested in goading the PNP Shadow Minister on Transportation to call outright for Henry’s resignation by asking Pickersgill if he was “afraid” to do so. A better question would have been: So Chairperson Pickersgill, do you think that Kern Spencer should resign from parliament given the “damning” accusations Spencer faces?

Bobby Pickersgill bailed Kern Spencer out of jail and proudly told the media that Kern Spencer was innocent till proven guilty. How Pickersgill can make the statements he is now making about this JUTC matter and not face any scrutiny about his previous statements by either the Jamaican press corps or the Jamaica Labour Party is beyond me.

Just a thought.

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9 thoughts on “Push Back?

  1. Diatribalist, your thoughts and observations regarding the JLP hits the nail totally on the head. In recent months, I have been articulating a somewhat similar perspective, based on my observations of how various issues are being addressed, including the issue mentioned in your post, that the government has become flagrantly and egregiously irrelevant.

  2. The William Jefferson Clinton Foundation received $5o,000.00 to $100,000.00 from the Government of Jamaica. How interesting, I wonder what this donation or offer was for and about? I bet that most Jamaicans are not even cognizant of this donation.Yet, respective administrations/governments — JLP and PNP — like to talk about transparency. Quite frankly, some transparency is definitely needed on this donation.The Jamaican public needs to know, in no uncertain terms, what this donation is about? Nuff respect!!

  3. D – you are assuming that the press corps is able to connect the dots, or that they even remember about how Pickersgill handled the Kern Spencer issue. Many of them are just not that smart and savvy, honestly.

  4. I fear this adminstration will be one of Jamaica’s shortest and least relevant. I fear history will record PJ Patterson and his team as head and shoulders above his ill-fated successors….

  5. Diatribalist, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Wishing you the best for 2009!! Nuff respect!!

  6. “So how is it that the press gathered at the first press conference were more interested in goading the PNP Shadow Minister on Transportation to call outright for Henry’s resignation by asking Pickersgill if he was “afraid” to do so…”

    Like you, the much of the media fraternity has realized that the PNP, even in opposition, still manages to wield a tremendous amount power over certain elements in the society (and over the government, it would appear). The JLP appears guileless, naive, without the vindictive streak of the PNP party machinery, and without a plan. The opposition knows that the citizenry is steeped in corruption which has become normal, so regardless of the skullduggery of the past, its members are still free and feel bold enough to taunt the current blundering administration.

    The press knows this. They also know that the PNP is salivating for a return to power and stand a very good chance of doing so.

    They will need to eat, and they do want to remain alive. There are few bold ones.

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