The Attack of the Killer Jamaican Cops

Recently a channel to which I subscribe on Youtube, by an independent film-making company, posted a video about Jamaica’s police.

I’m ambivalent about the video. For example the narrator says that in the ’80s politicians greedy for votes gave out guns. No mention of the Cold War, Manley seeming to embrace Communism, and American foreign policy interests in the violence. Also, sadly, Mark Shields is there as an expert; can anyone tell me what Shileds has accomplished in Jamaica — seriously, is there one noteworthy achievement?

So it a full video from a channel that can be credited with providing me with an incredible education on a number of issues. Normally they post “sampler” videos like this one about Trench Town.

Let me know what you think.

Notable comment from Youtube.

“There needs to be job creation in Jamaica. The wealthy people need to share. Look at Haiti. Look at how the wealthy of Haiti oppressed the masses, now their wealth is worthless. Who wants to buy a mansion in Haiti. You can buy a palace in Haiti for 200K USD but no one wants it. The wealthy of Jamaica need to understand that they will lose their wealth if they hold on to it at the expense of the masses. Pay people livable wages”

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17 thoughts on “The Attack of the Killer Jamaican Cops

  1. I watched the video and had a few issues with it as well. But I won’t knit pick them right now.

    I think that ultimately violence is too pervasive in Jamaica and unfortunately the police force just reflects that. In light of recent events, however turns out that one thing Mark Shields said was true. There are criminal gangs inside of the police force!

  2. Diatribalist, I was not able to access the video Jamaicam Killer Cops via the You Tube link that/which you furnished on your post. Nonetheless, I was able to access same in its entirety via JAMLINK.

    For me, the information was not novel or surprising in any manner or form, because, in essence, this has been the sociological reality of urban society in particular and Jamaica in general over the last three decades. But, irrespective of being cognizant of the political sociology of violence —- i.e.,WAR—- between the agents of the state and violent wayward, alienated and marginalized youths from the respective ghettos, watching the video, Jamaican Killer Cops, was still brutally chillingly, and indeed, totally depressing!!

    Quite frankly, I do not see an end to this bloodletting in the short to medium term: because of the institutionalization of garrison politics; the absence of political will to degarrisonize such communities on the part of politicians; lack of opportunities for the marginalized youths in the ghettos; corrupt and sadistic law enforcement officers; the wanton contempt and total disregard for civil and human rights of the materially dispossessed; gun trafficking; drug trafficking; attempts at controlling turf and the movement of individual(s); improper, inappropriate and inadequate public policies, specifically, as it relates to education, skills development and investment in human capital; atrocious and abysmal leadership on the part of sundry representatives at various levels and the lack of business investments and opportunities in such areas; and of course proper community policing, inter alia. On a closing note, one is of the perspective that the video is essentially accurate. Nuff respect!!

  3. Colonel Trevor McMillian has demitted office as the National Security Minister !!

  4. Question!! Is Colonel Trevor McMillan’s exit/departure from the Ministry of National Security based on budget/cost rationalization, as a consequence of the global economic meltdown, with respect to downsizing and consolidation of the Ministries of Jamaica, and by extension the general Jamaican bureaucracy? Or, was the Colonel’s —- possibly forced —- resignation based on his dismal, indifferent, supine and lackadasical performance, since assuming the portfolio of Ministy of National Security, specifically, in light of the implacable and inexorable crime problem? Or, interestingly, the reason(s) may entail both factors.Irrespective of which reason, it was indeed time for Colonel McMillan to exit, or say adieu to this specific portfolio. Nuff respect!!

  5. Political musical chairs or reshuffling is fully underway within the Jamaican Government. Senator Dwight Nelson is the new Minister of National Security, Mr. James Robertson Minister of Mining and Energy, and Mr. Daryl Vaz, Information and Communications.

  6. The crime problem in Jamaica is indeed profound, dreadfully acute and apparently unfathomable in terms of placing a significant dent or reduction regarding this scourge.Effective as of today, another minister has bitten the dust—-in terms of demitting office —- with respect to this cancer which is constantly metastasizing.

    In a matter of nineteen months since the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) assumed the reins of government, with the reduction of crime as a major or essential plank in its political platform/objectives, the island has witnessed three different Ministers of National Security.

    Undoubtedly, and unquestionably, the first two ministers failed miserably and deplorably in trying to place a dent in this scourge. Jamaicans are extremely anxious regarding the pervasive and ubiquitous nature of crime, especially, homicides. But to date, the various attempts on the part of the Golding administration to manage and control crime has been essentially futile, forlorn and ineffectual. Hopefully,under the tenure of the newly appointed Minister of National Security, Mr. Dwight Nelson, some discernible and appreciable difference will result, as opposed to hoisting the white flag of indifference, capitulation and surrender. Nuff respect!!

  7. Happy Easter Jamdown!! Enjoy the bun and cheese and the escoveitched fish. Nuff respect!!

  8. President Barack Obama utilizing CARROTS as opposed to STICKS in his foreign policy towards Cuba, by easing travel and money restrictions on the part of Americans. Excellent move President Obama!! Expect more CARROTS in the medium term as United States-Cuba relationships experience a thaw or defreeze.

  9. Retirement of corrupt police officers, a possibly new strategy to sanitize and decontaminate the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) by Commissioner Hardley Lewin is worth looking at in greater detail(s). How interesting?!! Hopefully, if and when such corrupt officers are identified vis-a-vis retirement, they —- the corrupt officers —- will also be denied any form or forms of retirement benefits or pensions, based on the fact, that such police officers are, essentially, deemed/considered corrupt, and in that regard should be disallowed or prohibited from benefits, as a consequence of compromising and discredting the laws, ordinances, statutes, rules, and regulations of Jamaica and the JCF.

    Quite frankly, one can identify with Commissioner Lewin’s attempts to decontaminate the JCF, nonetheless, one is of the perspective, that this strategy of retirement, begs a considerable number of obvious and rather apparent questions which can be answered relatively easy or reflexively. But by the same token, there are many abstruse, blurred and unobvious questions that/which will manifest themselves and will require answers and reconciliation couched within the context of morality, fairness, justice, and the rule of law in relationship to such officers and the affected persons, if and when this strategy is operationalized. In the proverbial phrase or parlance, the Commissioner may be opening PANDORA’S BOX —- a source of many unforseen troubles or pitfalls. Eagerly anticipating more on this potential policy from Commissioner Lewin.

  10. WOW!! Unbelieveable! I hope this story carried by CVM about the stealing of newly born twins from Jamaica and exporting them to Nigeria is not true. But if true, why is a doctor like this in the employ of a Jamaican hospital—-St. Ann’s Bay ? One would have thought that medical doctors, including this Nigerian doctor, are thoroughly vetted re background checks before being hired. Apparently, this Nigerian doctor is a big time kidnapper/child trafficker. One wonders how many Jamaican children or babies he may have already shipped/trafficked to Nigeria. Hopefully, at the time of this writing Ms. Pinnock’s twins have been returned to her. If not, it is imperative that the Jamaican Government interfaces with the Nigerian Government regarding the return of the twins, and this doctor be legally dealt with in terms of Jamaican and Nigerian jurisprudence as it relates to kidnapping and human trafficking. Again, one is still hoping that this story is not true, but some form of gross misunderstanding on the part of the principals involved.I just cannot believe that such things are taking place in Jamaica. Unbelieveable!!

  11. Bwoy, this story about the stealing of twins is totally bizarre, and indeed, strange.There are so many unanswered questions.What is up with this family and the purportedly missing/stolen twins??!!

    As indicated in an earlier post, one was hoping that there was no veracity to this story, and thank God that the story materialized in a manner confirming and affirming that. Apparently, the story was fabricated as exposed by CVM. But why? And, what are the reasons for such an elaborately manufactured —- cooked —- story, with family members and community members endorsing the truth/fact of Ms. Pinnock’s pregnancy and the birth of twins and the subsequent exportation of twins to Nigeria by Nigerian doctor ?

    Indeed, there is definitely more to this story than meets the eye and what is being suggested by the family. Nonetheless, thank God that no twins were stolen or trafficked to Nigeria. Also, this writer sincerely apologizes to the Nigerian community in Jamaica and the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital for any inconveniences that/which may have resulted from my earlier post.Nuff respect!!

  12. How about we dissolve the JDF in its entirety and replace them with police and soldiers from the OECS while we rebuild and retrain? I like that.

  13. Townecrier, like you, I have often entertained the perspective and the notion/belief that the only way to transcend the sundry and copious negative issues, sores, scabs and warts regarding the problem riddled, plagued, and afflicted Jamaican Constabulary Force (JCF), is to totally dissolve the current JCF as it is now constituted, and build an entirely new law enforcement body/institution from scratch. Quite frankly, a law enforcement body for the twenty first century. The problems, especially, that of corruption, among others, are so entrenched, deeply engrained, and institutionalized, that reforming the JCF appears as if it is nothing more than an exercise in futility, and indeed, ineffectiveness.

    Certainly, many Jamaicans and even members of the Force, most likely harbour such views and thoughts, that the Force as it is now constituted, is nothing more than a throwback to another period in Jamaica’s history. The big question in the dissolution and creation of a new law enforcement body is the question of capital/funds. And indeed, the political will and courage of the Government to move in this direction.

    Notwithstanding, the political and economic constraints, Jamaica is desperately in need of a new and modern law enforcement body, specifically, if as a society, a people, and a nation-state we are talking about first world status and objectives circa 2030. Undoubtedly, there is no way we can drag, draw or haul this current law enforcement apparatus/monster into the first world. MODERNIZATION in the form of CREATING and STRUCTURING a brand new law enforcement entitity is, therefore, an imperative.Nuff respect!!

  14. Violence cost the Jamaican Government J$2 billion dollars in 2006 according to the Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA).Unbelievable!!!

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