Which news?

Is it just me or did this RJR reporter have no news whatsoever to share? Top it off with the bad arithmetic in the beginning — 167 out of 169 people on board are released. So that leaves 7 people? WTF?

See if you can spot the multiple bad reporting and inconsistencies in this video. Answers up by midnight.

I hope all ends well for the remaining two seven hostages.


So this is the difference between the news culture in Jamaica and North America that can inform some of my criticisms of Jamaican media. First of all if 167 of 169 passengers have been released, then there can’t be seven left. At about 1:08 in the video you can hear the North American anchor pause for an extended period in seeming shock at this arithmetic misstep. But alright, we all make mistakes. But the reporter made news with the next pronouncement stating that while a shot had been fired no one was hit. EXCELLENT — show is getting on the road here.

But soon disappointment was to follow. Then she had no information about normal security procedures in the airport, then she repeats that someone had been shot and had to back-track to clear that up. And finally, at the anchor’s prodding she has no idea where the people off the plane are. Really? Why is she on the air? What does she know about anything?

It may be me being oversensitive, but I can see the anchor’s exasperation with the Jamaican reporter because as a viewer I was exasperated. There was very little news in her appearance. I expect reporters to be fluid and fluent with their facts on they’re on the air, especially after a multi-hour stand-off. And at 8am when I am storming out of the house — technically late by that time as I needed to leave slightly sooner — I am extraordinarily annoyed with this kind of slow, trickling, bundling performance by a journalist.

Thankfully, the Observer and (much to my surprise) the Gleaner both updated their websites throughout the day with greater details. When I started this blog the only story these people feel merited an intra-day update was the National Elections in 2007 for which the Gleaner built a seperate site (to dilute their brand?) The performance of each newspaper’s website exceeded my expectations as a consumer today, I was pleasantly surprised.


17 thoughts on “Which news?

  1. Yes, the math was some what fuzzy and information sketchy to some extent or degree.I guess the principles of who, what, when, where, why and how were not fully utilized or observed on the part of the correspondent.

  2. Well, if our lovely reporters don’t know how to ask the right questions and produce decent on-the-spot analysis on a regular day, how they going to do that when dem unda stress? I held my breath and hid my face through most of what I was hearing; too embarassing for words.

  3. Still sketchy:
    # of passengers and crew held hostage,
    Status of flight: was it outgoing or incoming?
    Did a ‘relative’ really talk the young man into surrendering or was he apprehended when the security forces “stormed” the aircraft?
    Has the perp really been detained by the police?
    A news report claims he will be “interviewed” to determine whether he will be charged. Does that mean he will walk?

    Just wait.

    But we must be grateful, musn’t we, that regardless of his mental instability, the young man did not try to ‘engage the security forces in a shootout’. The lawmen also deserve full credit for their uncommon patience and restraint in apprehending the would-be hijacker with such surgical precision. No gun-butts, kicks, slaps or beatings with truncheons were even considered!

    Thanks to those who offered free holidays and delivered free rum. No matter what, “come to Jamaica and feel alright!”

    Fallout: The poor Spanish. One more misdemeanor which will place another nail in their coffin. first it was environmmental degradation with improper disposal of sewage, then it was breached building codes at RIU, then 500 truckloads of sand ended up on their beach, and now this. The Spanish consortium which manages the aiport may not have their contract renewed, if the conspiracy theorists are right…
    And funny that any local who does buisness with the Spanish companies also end up sucking salt. Some of the CANJET aircraft have a TUI insignia on the vertical fin. TUI is part owned by the Spanish company RIU. So the goozum catch CANJET too…

    And not even the visit of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain could remove the goozum from off the Spanish companies. You think they’ll eventually pack up and hightail it out of Jamaica?

  4. Goozum !! Kadene, I have not heard that expression in a really long time ! ROFL !! But, I will have to agree with you, that the Spaniards may be experiencing some level of goozum. But, seriously, is the airport being managed by the Spaniards ? I was of the opinion that it was being administered by — the — Canadians. Again, I could be wrong, so, thanks very much for that insight re the Spaniards.

    Yes, indeed, this hijacking or attempted hijacking could have turned out much differently than what transpired Monday morning. As a matter of fact, an inverse scenario could have materialized.Thank God, no one was hurt, or even worse, killed. Kudos to the security personnel in conducting/executing a precise, surgically and professionally well done operation, in liberating the aircraft and the crew that/which were held hostage. BRAVO !! Also, my sincere apologies to all the Canadian tourists that/who were terrorised and inconvenienced by this attempt, on the part of the purportedly mentally challenged young man who/that attempted to commandeer the Canadian aircraft to Cuba. Hopefully, such Canadians will return to Jamaica. Nuff respect !!

  5. @ Stunner: It really was, but that is what passes for news in Jamaica.

    @ Kadene: I don’t think they’ll hightail it out, they’ll likely stay and become infected with what were called “West Indian ways” in slavery times, referring to ‘decent’ white men who came to the Caribbean and had 1 and 2 mistresses from among their slaves. I expect the Spanish to take on the same kinda slackness attitude prevalent in Jamaica today, they have already started by bribing the local official to build too high (allegedly? right!), and look how dem get di connect fi di stolen sand? They seem right at home there, quite frankly even more at home than me — so they should be made naturalized Jamaicans early in an act of parliament, they belong.

  6. Yes, Diatribalist, you are so right !! Undoubtedly, neocolonialism by the Spaniards via Jamaican socialization and acculturation —- slackness attitude. How interesting ?!

  7. Greater coverage of Jamaican news by the international media would be extremely welcome. But, it is quite apparent, that the international media only has/have an interest in Jamaica, when there are major breaking stories/events, such as what transpired recently in Montego Bay re the highjacking or attempted hijacking of the Canadian aircraft Canjet. And, of course, the occasional social unrest and badmanism —- dons —- in the marginalized and volatile areas of the society. Interestingly, the interest in Jamaica, on the part of the international media, generally entails news that/which is sensational, action and thrill oriented, as oppposed to other newsworthy stories and items devoid of action and vitality, although, nonetheless, essentially significant to the Jamaican and by extension Caribbean demographic/nationals residing in metropolitan societies.With the eclipse and supplanting of main stream media (MSM) in metropolitan societies, as a consequence of the internet and the ascendancy of the blogosphere globally, one is of the perspective, that greater coverage of Jamaica by the international main stream media may not be forthcoming, although, highly desired. Unless, it is the type of news or stories, that are, or, can be categorized as action and sensational oriented. In that regard, it may be incumbent on bloggers, but not necessarily Jamaican bloggers, to become the vehicle(s) for the internationalization of news events transpiring and emanating from Jamaica and the larger Caribbean. Of note, the question of costs, travel, lodgings, the shipping of news technology, etc. re the acquisition of news by the international mainstream media are also applicable, and in some instances may be prohibitively exorbitant, although locals could or can be instrumental in defraying such costs, if utilized/employed as free-lancers.

    Today, Jamaican society is teetering on the brink of a breakdown, as a consequence of its anemic and enervated political economy, the ravages of the global economic tsunami and the persistent Sisyphean marginalization of its people.With this perfect storm manifesting or brewing itself, the likelihood or probability of social unrest is significant. Consequently, if such social and economic conditions are not managed properly, indeed, some form of social implosion will materialize and the international media would definitely have more than a passing interest, re coverage. Hopefully, such a situation or circumstance does not materialize!! Food for thought!!! By the way, BLOGS ARE THE FUTURE, and the future is NOW!!Nuff respect!!

  8. Double embarrassment. You should read the shallowness of the dailies. I have to wonder if non of them notices. There are always so many lingering questions after reading an article or watching the news.

  9. Dutty Bwoy, your comment is rather interesting. In today’s OBSERVER—- Sunday, May 3, 2009 —-The Spike has a piece criticizing letter writers to The OBSERVER. Last week’s piece —- The OBSERVER, Sunday, April 26, 2009 —- from the Spike was a critique of certain journalists who do not understand the rules and regulations regarding sequencing.An interesting read if you do have the time. Incidentally, both pieces are categorized under the news section if my recollection —- memory —- is correct. Nuff respect, Star !!

  10. Police threatens industrial action!! Possible showdown between police and Prime Minister Golding!!

  11. The Minister of National Security Mr. Dwight Nelson “vows” to crush gangs !! Time will tell !!

  12. Diatribalist, there is an interesting article/piece on JAMDOWN in THE INDEPENDENT-Americas section titled: SUN, SAND AND SAVAGERY ! WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JAMAICA–PARADISE ? by IAN THOMPSON . This should be a must read!!!!

  13. Telephone distracted me while typing and I forgot to inform you, that the piece can be found in the Travel section of the INDEPENDENT.Nuff respect!!

  14. Esteban:
    I will have to check out that article when i get a chance.
    Regarding the new Minister of National Security, Mr. Dwight Nelson, and his promises to crush gangs, see Macmillan, and Smith, and Phillips before them.

    All our leaders have the same bullshit formula — every 6 weeks or so they release a “tough talk” statement and the killing continues.

    Dwight Nelson is just the latest person sitting in this seat in a game of musical chairs the politicians are playing. Nothing new naw come!

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