I distinctly recall  that when the $500 bill was being released it took on a nick-name “Nanny” based on the heroine that was depicted on its face.

Since then we have had a $1000 bill released and a now there is news that a $5000 bill is slated to be released.

How great it would be if people took to calling the new $5000 bill a “wutless” as in “Mi barely a draw 6 wutless a month inna salary and them want cut it sey economy depressed, but see yah”

If only?!? I would love to see the name reflect the debasement of Jamaican dollars. 

Anyway, mi soon come. Just gwaan wait.


61 thoughts on “Wutless?

  1. Introducing to Jamaica, from the Zimbabwe School of Economics (ZSE), the new JM $5000 bill/note, which inevitably will be called “wutless”, because, in essence, this is exactly what it is “wutless.” LOL!!

  2. @D – I was wondering the same thing. trying out some names on mi tongue but none not flowing so right. ah wonder what colour it going to be doh?

    @ Owen – When $1000 bills so common dat nobaddy nah complain when dem affi mek change, an it naah buy nutt’n big a supermarket again, den yuh know seh dem was gw’aa affi issue new currency. Memba seh light bill, water rate, even kentucky a quote inna di t’ousands right now. So, anno di high value currency wi fi a bawl out bout in a 3rd world country like this one, a di bad decision dem whe’ dem a mek so dat we affi need it inna di fus place. The slippery slope to avoid is having the dollar devalue so flipping quickly and prices quickly skyrocketing so that dem soon affi tek di nanny tun copper shot!

  3. I said we should dollarised the economy or Fixedthe exchange rate.Look at all the CARICOM states with fixed exchange rate: Trinidad,Barbados, Eastern Caribbean, and even Hiati.Even the Hiatian has a “stronger” currency that us. Soon enough will surpass Guyana and on our way to catching up with zimbabwe.

  4. Not to sound too nostalgic — but am I the only one who recalls when the dollar was 5 to 1 back in the ’80s. If simaddy did tell me it would be close to $90 now I’d have laughed.

  5. diatribalist
    May 17, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    Not to sound too nostalgic — but am I the only one who recalls when the dollar was 5 to 1 back in the ’80s. If simaddy did tell me it would be close to $90 now I’d have laughed.

    I recall when it was $1.75 to $1USD in October 1980…

    On another note I have just discovered your blog after doing a search for Clovis Brown. I had written a letter to the Observer critiquing them for the very things you mentioned, journalistic ethic.

    I had written before about Clovis’ caricature of the South African Govt. using an image of Botha to decry the state of South Africa published on April 23, 2009 and it was not published but my latest one titled ‘Cowardly Cartoonist’ was.

    Thank you for your illuminating efforts, though they may not be widely read, no journey can begin without the first step. You are on to something big.
    Keep it up….

  6. For a good instructive read regarding DOLLARIZATION which —- who knows—- could be our fate, please see, FULL DOLLARIZATION: PROS AND CONS by Andrew Berg and Eduardo Borensztein. Economic issues No.24. http://imf.org/external/pubs/ft/issues/issues24/index.htm. This pamphlet is worth the read and is very brief and concise for individuals who/that are seeking information on the subject of DOLLARIZATION.Nuff respect!!

  7. Judge Dawg and Diatribalist, I remember those days very well.Times have certainly changed!! WHAT WENT WRONG ?!! It is a long story !! Nuff respect !!

  8. I haven’t been on this earth for very long, but the increase in inflation over the last 10 years alone is frightening. I always use the “Patty Price”as my measurement. 10 years ago, it cost 20 dollars for a patty at the tuck shop at my school in Port Maria— and that was with markup. Last summer when I went home, I was surprised to see that patty meals (with soda) in Juici beef were inching their way up to the price of a chicken meal. Mi lov pati, bot no so. Gi mi di chikin den! 😀

    I bring a thousand dollars with me to town, and between busfare, lunch, and a drink to quench my thirst, di moni don! It makes sense that we would have a $5,000 note. As my father said to me this morning- “den afta dat ano moni same way! Dat don kwik kwik wen mi wehn dong de.” I agree. But tis frightening indeed.

  9. Dollarisation is the way to go. For one it would take the monetary policy out of the hands of our inept politicians.

    Second it would restore confidence in the currency as a store of value which allows businesses and households to plan their spending with confidence that devaluation will not create mayhem with their budgets.

    Will any politician in Jamaica have the cojones to even suggest dollarisation?

  10. @ Ina Mi Gutumaa, guess what, Star, mi luv pati to, bot gi mi di chikin, insted. Suppose, I man tell you, I remember the days in Jamaica, when the cost/price of a patty was sixpence. Yes, indeed, and one was able to purchase both a patty and aerated water —- now referred to as soda, or soft drinks for one shilling. One degge degge shilling!! Nuff respect, Star!!

  11. Diatribalist, in certain geographical confines or areas of Jamaican society, Prime Minister Hugh Shearer was often referred to as SHAREOUT. I do not know, and I cannot remember if this moniker was utilized nationally, re Mr. Shearer. But I am extremely cognizant of the fact, that it was popularly utilized in Mandeville, Manchester, and other areas of central Jamaica, specifically, during Mr. Shearer’s repressive law and order administration, pre and post Dr.Walter Rodney’s persona non grata status and subsequent deportation from Jamaica.

    Regrettably, I do not know categorically, the specific origin and meaning of the nomenclature, or supposed nickname, outside of the fact, that it could have been a play on his surname, Shearer. Nonetheless, I would be willing to hazard a guess, that SHAREOUT may have had something to do, with the then economic policies of Mr. Shearer’s administration, or, his personal and political role as a former trade union czar.

    Now, that Mr. Shearer’s image/portrait will be emblazoned and revitalized on the new $5000 note, it will definitely be interesting to see if that old moniker/nickname —- SHAREOUT—- resurfaces to characterize and describe the new bill, or, will the bill itself be called the SHAREOUT, specifically, among or by Jamaicans who have political memories of the Shearer administration. It will be interesting to see how Jamaicans accept this bill in terms of a descriptive and familiar name akin to a JOSHIE or a NANNY. Nuff respect!!

  12. For individuals who/that are not familiar with descriptive names for Jamaican currency. This information may be helpful: A JOSHIE is named after the late Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley who was also popularly called Joshua. So, a JOSHIE is JMD $1000. While a NANNY is JMD $500 and is named after Jamaica’s National hero(ine) NANNY, leader of the Maroons.Nuff respect!!

  13. The name Shareout was because Shearer was known for using consumer items such as soap and toothpaste to buy votes.

  14. Thanks Judge Dawg, I am extremely appreciative for that piece of information re Hugh Lawson Shearer and the utilization of consumer items to purchase votes. Nuff respect!!

  15. Supreme Court declares North East St. Catherine seat occupied by JLP Member of Parliament Mr. Gregory Mair vacant. BY-ELECTION IS NOW IMMINENT !!

  16. ELECTIONS ARE IN THE AIR!! BY-ELECTION SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 16. Bwoy, one has to wonder if the Jamaican electorate and the Jamaican people in general, are not experiencing a certain level of ELECTION FATIGUE, LASSITUDE AND EXHAUSTION from the numerous elections that/which have occurred in recent years, with at least two more in the offing, at approximately thirty million dollars per by-election.

  17. Bwoy, the remittance cartoon in today’s —–Friday, May 22nd, 2009 —– OBSERVER by Clovis dread. Sufferation unlimited !!

  18. ELECTIONS AD NAUSEAUM !!! Another CARNIVAL of FOOLS, meaning, another by-election. This time around, the carnival entails, the North East St. Catherine seat and is scheduled for June 16th, 2009, as a consequence of the Supreme Court declaring, this seat, recently held/occupied by Mr. Gregory Mair of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) vacant. Based, on the fact, that Mr. Mair had dual citizenship —- Jamaican and Venezuelan —- and is/was not properly constitutionally nominated and elected to serve in Parliament, in light of the recent rulings by the Supreme Court and the Appeals Court a la Mr. Abe Dabdoub’s constitutional challenge.

    Interestingly, there could be two more elections of this nature, at approximately forty million dollars per election, involving JLP members of parliament, Ms. Shahine Robinson and Mr. Michael Stern, representing political constitutencies in the parishes of St. Ann and Clarendon, respectively.All these mini elections occurring at a time, when Jamaica, is in essence, practically insolvent and is struggling to service the interest payments on its gargantuan and colossal debts and discharge its numerous liabilities, obligations and responsibilities.

    Undoubtedly,with the cost of these mini elections being so exorbitantly expensive, at a time when the country has been ravaged domestically by bankrupt and failed economic policies, going as far back as the last twenty years, and internationally, by the global economic and financial meltdown of capitalism. It indeed appears that the stimulus package being employed/utilized by both the JLP and the PNP is that of spending money to host elections, however, ludicrous such a statement may seem/appear. Certainly, election expenditures by both the green(JLP) and orange (PNP) to their tribes, loyalists, adherents and hacks in these constituencies, in the form of food, alcohol, cigarettes, ganja, transportation, t-shirts and other party paraphernalia, buying votes, make work projects, lodgings, let-offs, security, inter alia, may create a little spike in the local constituency re consumption, hence a quasi stimulus.But indeed, and in all honesty, a considerable amount of resources are being wasted in a profligate manner hosting all these by-elections, despite the constitutional imperative, with respect to the question of citizenship and parliament.One would have hoped and also thought, that some sort of arrangement, structure or mechanism could/would have been implemented, to off set these costly elections, and the funds appropriated for elections utilized in a more productive and constructive manner.

    What will this by-election entail? Who will the PNP be fielding to contest this seat? Will it be Ms. Phyllis Mitchell or Mr. Granville Ballentine? Will this be a victory for the PNP or will it be a fourth straight loss for Opposition leader Ms. Portia Simpson Miller? How will the hierarchy of the PNP relate to a fourth straight loss in Ms. Simpson Miller, if this should materialize? Will it be Ms. Simpson Miller’s denouement? Will she be jettisoned, or will there be an internal struggle for a more dynamic and visionary leader not shackled with the baggages of the PNP’s past as Ms. Simpson Miller appears to be.

    With respect to the JLP, can Mr. Mair be re-elected, specifically, in light of the deteriorating social and economic conditions manifesting under Prime Minister Golding’s watch? What if he —-Mr. Mair —- is not re-elected, will this result in a possible general election, because of the political arithmetic in Parliament, or will the JLP contest the remaining two elections in Ms. Robinson and Mr. Stern alluded to earlier? So many questions begging for answers! The residents of North East St. Catherine will be going to the polls again and their electoral behaviour will definitely shed light on many of the aforementioned questions.Nuff respect!!

  19. The North East St. Catherine seat will be contested by trade unionist Mr. Granville Valentine of the PNP in lieu of Ms. Phyllis Mitchell.So, the beauty contest will be between Mr. Gregory Mair of the JLP and Mr. Granville Valentine of the PNP.Interesting times are ahead !! Nuff respect !!

  20. As alluded to in an earlier post, the political arithmetic in Parliament could or may result in a general election being called depending on the outcome of the North East St. Catherine constituency. The current political configuration of Parlament with respect to the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the People’s National Party (PNP) is as follows: JLP=31 seats; PNP=28 seats and vacant=1 seat. Hence, this by-election is extremely critical for both parties.Please do the math regarding a victory or a loss for either party. Nuff respect !!

  21. Speaking of the exorbitant costs of by-elections, it is important to note, that Supreme Court judge Mr. Horace Marsh, in his rulings against Mr. Gregory Mair regarding the occupancy and vacancy of the North East St. Catherine seat, also ruled, that Mr. Mair must pay the legal fees and general consumption tax (GCT) for Ms. Phyllis Mitchell who contested the seat for the People’s National Party (PNP) in the September 2007 general elections.

    Such fees assessed Mr. Mair are JMD $ 3,000,000 plus the GCT of JMD $ 495,000, which when converted to American dollars is approximately US $39,653. Also noteworthy, with respect to these by-elections, specifically, the recent West Portland seat and the North East St. Catherine seat, is the fact, that the PNP candidates, Mr. Abe Dabdoub and Ms.Phyllis Mitchell who both contested for these seats in the September 2007 general election are/were not the candidates offered by the PNP, although they are the candidates that/who legally and constitutionally challenged the dual citizenship status of the Jamaica Labour Party members of parliament—-Mr. Daryl Vaz (West Portland) and Mr. Gregory Mair (North East St. Catherine). Instead, we see candidates the likes of Rowe and Valentine. How interesting?!

    In utilizing this formula, it is therefore safe, for one to assume, that it is extremely likely, that the PNP may not utilize the original candidates in any of the four by-elections, including those for the parishes of St. Ann and Clarendon. Certainly, if this were to occur, it would be extremely peculiar, unconventional, and in essence, politically bizarre and outlandish, that the PNP candidates that /who are bringing these constitutional issues to the Supreme Court are not the ones contesting the by-elections in the final analysis. And indeed, the genuine, athenticity and legitimacy of strict and rigid constitutionalism re dual citizenship on the part of the PNP may/will be questioned, interpreted, perceived, and comprehended differently in certain quarters of the polity, with the true objective coming to the fore, or materializing ,which is WIN AT ANY COST,WITH THE ATTAINMENT OF POLITICAL AND STATE POWER BEING THE SOLE AND ONLY OBJECTIVE and in essence, everything else, somewhat incidental, irrespective, of the fact, that it is costing the society dearly at JMD $40,000,000 a pop. Time will definitely tell !! Nuff respect !!

  22. A spelling correction is in order re my last comment, please read athenticity as authenticity.Thanks !

  23. Interesting caricature by Clovis regarding Mr.Daryl Vaz (West Portland), Ms. Simpson Miller Opposition leader and Mr. Gregory Mair (North East St.Catherine) as it relates to the by-elections in today’s OBSERVER—-Tuesday, May 26th, 2009.

  24. @ Esteban:
    I can’t go with you on complaining about the costs of the various by-elections taking place in Jamaica. It is my opinion that Jamaicans complaining about the cost of elections should move to Cuba — the weather is remarkably similar.

    As for whether Portia will be jettisoned by a loss in the upcoming election — I rather doubt it. Portia is not losing a fourth time so much as she is extending her loss out to as many “do-overs” as possible. It’s like you’re playing checkers with a child and they keep taking back moves — even when it is apparent that taking back moves won’t change the outcome.

    The JLP seems to be getting this one right, as they are doing house to house (constituency to constituency) combat with the PNP in a way that works. I believe the PNP will likely lose the upcoming election as well, but “vamos a ver” as they might say in Cuba “we’re going to see.”

  25. Bwoy, Dabdoub a jook the Labourite dem wid the legal fees fi fight di dual citizenship issue!! Big time jook tu !! JMD $49,000,000 fi Vaz fees. Dabdoub a get rich offa dis yah dual citizenship ting.LOL !! Nuff respect!!

  26. It took a long time, but we all knew that it was coming, in other words, it was inevitable. Prime Minister Bruce Golding plans or will file constitutional motion against People’s National Party (PNP) members of parliament with dual citizenship. The constitutional drama continues to unfold. It will be interesting to see which PNP members, if any, will be CALLED OUT, regarding dual citizenship, after “morally” and quietly sitting in the House since September 3rd, 2007, acting as if their allegiance is exclusively to Jamaica. It will, indeed, be of interest to all Jamaicans, to find out, which PNP emperor or empress will be unclothed and disrobed by the Jamaican constitution post the Prime Ministers motion. CALL THEM OUT !!! Nuff respect !!

  27. The saga involving dual citizenship, parliament and the Jamaican constitution continues to unfold, with the white hot glare of scrutiny, now being focused on two of the Opposition members of parliament, in terms of a possible constitutional motion being filed, by the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) lawyers, on behalf of Prime Minister Bruce Golding.

    The two Opposition members of parliament that/who are in question, are Ms. Sharon Hay-Webster of South Central St. Catherine and Mr. Ian Hayles of Western Hanover. Indeed, information regarding the dual citizenship status of Mr. Hayles and Ms. Hay-Webster is not novel. Such information has been banded around and about, from the early days post the September 2007 general election. But, the critical and essential question is, are there additional Opposition members of parliament whose allegiance is not exclusive to Jamaica? And, for that matter, are there additional JLP members autonomous of the named quartet of Messrs Daryl Vaz,—-whose status has already been resolved and vindicated via the recent election in West Portland—- Gregory Mair,—–who will be contesting the June 16th election for the North East St. Catherine seat—- Michael Stern and Ms. Shahine Robinson whose allegiances are questionable, with by-elections pending?

    If this is the case, it is categorically imperative that such parliamentarians declare their statuses instantaneously, post haste, and in essence, voluntarily remove themselves from parliament. Undoubtedly, the Jamaican people has/have a constitutional right to know who and what are representing them in parliament.

    For parliamentarians on both side of the political divide, to be extremely cognizant of posessing dual citizenship and knowingly/purposefully sit in parliament, specifically, post the rulings of the Supreme and Appeals Courts, one can only classify or characterize such behaviour as opprobrious, shameful, contemptuous of the Jamaican people, opportunistic and totally self serving.

    Indeed, this dual citizenship imbroglio, mess, muddle or quandary has become extremely protracted and,ostensibly, it appears, that going forward, it will be nothing more than an infantile tit for tat retaliation/exchange or exchanges re disclosure of governmental and Opposition members of parliament exhibiting dual citizenship status, allegiances or condition between the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader, subsequently, followed by by-elections, ad nauseaum. How long will this last and at what cost ?

    Certainly, the need for constitutional reform as it relates to citizenship, nomination, elections and parliament is extremely critical and mandatory. But, what is currently unfolding suggests and convey, the possible manifestation of sundry problems, ranging from a political logjam/impasse, with the nation’s business being severely compromised, persistent and intense election campaigns, as evidenced in the West Portland constituency, where all the members of parliament virtually abdicated their responsibilities, duties and obligations for political campaigning, increasing political tensions and heightened tribalism resulting in inter party strifes and conflagrations, profligate and reckless spending of resources, at a time, when Jamaica is extremely beleaguered, financially, economically, socially, morally, criminally, politically, environmentally re natural disasters in terms of the imminent hurricane season, and otherwise, and in all honesty, teetering on the brink of social collapse and possibly disintegration.

    The constant politicisation of communities and by extension the general society via by-elections does not augur well for Jamaica, despite the constitutional imperative and should be a major concern for all Jamaicans. Again, one would have hoped, and also thought, that the government, the opposition and civil society could/would have come to some sort of agreement, arrangement, structure or mechanism that/which would alleviate and resolve this dual citizenship imbroglio, in contravention to the method being employed/utilized which, in essence, is persistent politics/elections in a volatile and temperamental political culture.Interestingly, one is of the perspective that such a format is still possible to structure and implement. Paradoxically, although one supports and endorses the principles, tenets, beliefs, and values of democracy, nonetheless, I will strongly contend that in this case, there are TOO MANY ELECTIONS, which could be problematic for a polity such as Jamaica!!Hopefully, I will be proven wrong !!Nuff respect!!

  28. With respect to politicians/parliamentarians that/who are cognizant of their dual citizenship status and their respective allegiances to states other than Jamaica and who deliberately and calculatedly extended their stay and privileges in Gordon House, post the Appeals Court ruling on Dabdoub versus Vaz, such politicians should definitely incur both punitive and pecuniary damages. Nuff respect!!

  29. How interesting??!! Members of Parliament ABANDON Gordon House for North East St. Catherine political campaign.The nation’s business is placed on hold to participate in the Carnival of Fools.WHAT ?!!!

  30. Question!! Is Ras Astor Black contesting the North East St. Catherine seat ? I have not heard or read anything regarding Ras Black either pre nomination or post nomination. Hopefully, if he is contesting the seat, the media will give him some ink.Nuff respect !!

  31. But stop. Think bout the other options for namin this proposed new bill… not a Nanny. Not a Manley. But a Shearer… or a Hugh? A Hughie? Umm, I dont think so.

    It ago sound very funny and weird and slightly backwud fi hear smaddy say, “driver, is a Shearer me hav, yuh hav change?” or “buss me pon a Shearer nuh?” Dat jus nuh sound right!!

    A ‘wutliss’ wi actually sound better and more… um… Jamaican.

  32. Hey Ruthibelle:
    It would sound more Jamaican yes, but reading some of the highly informative comments here I wonder if it won’t soon be called a “Share-out.”

  33. @Ruthibelle:
    I also like WUTLESS, but I would imagine, with respect to this note, several nicknames may,or ,will be applicable, depending on one’s generation and the part of the country where one resides.It will be interesting to see what transpires. Nuff respect!!

  34. Bwoy, the reign of terror, violence, murder and mayhem being unleashed by the various and sundry gangs in Jamaica, is so pervasive and overwhelming, that even the Jamaican state, in the form of the Minister of National Security has to cower in a servile and somewhat obsequious manner, suggesting ,that the gangs and gunmen, are in essence, in total control. A gangs a dweet !!! a dem a run tings!!! See CLOVIS, June 10th, 2009, THE OBSERVER.

  35. People’s National Party (PNP) accuses the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) of utilizing state resources to influence North East St. Catherine by-election scheduled for June 16th, 2009.

  36. PNP may file constitutional motion against JLP regarding dual citizenship status !!


  38. Correction re the aforementioned post, please read,

  39. Enjoy yourself, Star !! Looking forward to your return with respect to the new ideas!! Guess what, J’cans are everywhere!! Nuff respect!!

  40. So, Sista P bruk haar ducks in Mr. Bernard Vanriel’s victory for the PNP, in the parish council election for Cornwall Mountain, Westmoreland. Indeed, DESPERATION POLITICS was conspicuously present in Cornwall Mountain. Can you imagine that Sista P’s future as a political leader was based on the obscure and insignificant seat of Cornwall Mountain? This was a must win for the PNP in a parish where the PNP reigns supreme.

  41. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose (French). Apparently, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Back to the IMF !!

  42. Congratulations to the Jamaican athletic teams —-men and women —- for their awesome and stellar performance(s) at Berlin. Nuff respect to all members of the team. A job well done !! Superb !!

  43. $5,000.00 notes are not accepted here !! Various small businesses in St. Ann, Jamaica. LOL !!

  44. DRACONIAN TAXES and POVERTY AD NAUSEAUM are in order for Jamaica in 2010. The poor and the materially dispossessed cannot take anymore pressure from the system. Will the TIPPING POINT in terms of Social upheaval manifest itself ? Time will tell !!

  45. Yes, Diatribalist !! Sheikh Abdullah is definitely presenting problems for Jamaica with respect to his odyssey and arrests in Africa. Certainly, this is not good public relations for Jamaica. This guy needs to be removed from the international news cycle immediately. Nuff respect !!

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