A Conscience Meta-Post

Jamaica is a nation governed by murderers, and long before the vote on Tuesday to retain hanging we knew that the “leaders” of Jamaica were amoral demagogues who will murder so long as it is politically expedient to do so. I’m blogging about blogging so please forgive the stream of consciousness writing-style, but I have been dutifully laboring to avoid making certain assertions here that … Continue reading A Conscience Meta-Post


To err is human. As a consequence I make mistakes. Just yesterday while attending Bruce Golding’s Town Hall meeting in Brooklyn, where I was live-blogging on my cellphone via Twitter, I blogged that Lorna Golding is in the house — though not on stage. Unfortunately at the moment I was making that statement Lorna Golding was 1 of only 3 people on stage. Now in … Continue reading Errata

A GOLDen Opportunity

Having previously made no secret that I think it is essential for the governing JLP to increase their effective majority in Gordon House without having to hold a series of by-elections or a snap general election; it is time to acknowledge the rich and unique opportunity that the recently concluded PNP presidential election represents for the governing JLP and their leader Bruce Golding. Back in … Continue reading A GOLDen Opportunity

Pros and Cons of Portia Continuing

From my perch way Up So, I tend to believe that the main reason that Portia Simpson-Miller has managed to defeat Dr. Peter Phillips in the recently concluded PNP presidential elections is due to Phillips’ decision to spend so much time focusing on Portia with negative criticism and attacks. This position of his was necessary to justify his unprecedented challenge to a sitting PNP president … Continue reading Pros and Cons of Portia Continuing

The Portia Standard

As Bruce Golding’s administration passes its first anniversary since inauguration, I have been meditating on a question: What indeed is the real difference between the respective administrations of Portia Simpson-Miller and Bruce Golding? To listen to many in the media tell it, Golding is leaps and bounds ahead of Portia in competence and performance. Where Portia’s 18-month tenure as Prime Minister was almost universally panned, … Continue reading The Portia Standard