People for a Pay Raise for Clovis

I’m tempted to form a new advocacy group, American-style — People for a Pay Raise for Clovis. I really don’t care how much he’s already making, it is apparent Butch can’t possibly be paying Clovis enough to push this agenda so extraordinarily well. The Butch Stewart Newsletter Daily a.k.a the Jamaica Observer continues to efface any pretext of editorial independence or integrity, but damn this … Continue reading People for a Pay Raise for Clovis

To the Editor, Sir

Commenter “Verle” on a recent post inquired what I thought of Mike Henry’s  letter to the editor at the Observer published on Friday. Letters to the Editor (LTEs) especially rub me the wrong way as I know for a fact that the Jamaica Gleaner, and would hypothesize that the Jamaica Observer, do not print coherently written LTE’s by unconnected and non-privileged Jamaicans who write to … Continue reading To the Editor, Sir

Come up for air, Clovis

There can be no denying that Clovis is a talented illustrator and satirist. Las May is the only other regular political/social cartoonist in Jamaica  enjoying wide publication and there is simply no comparison as Clovis is in color and more colorful! Which is exactly why Clovis’ renderings are heart-rending for their partisan attacks on PNP politicians, and for the flagrantly misogynistic and homophobic cheap-shot humor … Continue reading Come up for air, Clovis