American Case Study: Synopsis

Rod “Bleeping” Blagojevich is currently the governor of Illinois, and having been under federal investigation for about five years, he has seen some of his top aides and other associates (like Tony Rezko) get put away by diligent prosecutors. Given that most people in the know fully expected an indictment to come his way; one could imagine that Gov. Blagojevich would be careful, sober, and … Continue reading American Case Study: Synopsis

The Wisdom of Crowd-a-people

So I have been reading these books this year about a technological revolution taking place in the world. The Wisdom of Crowds, and The Starfish and the Spider. Plus I have just identified two more to read soon (hopefully this year): Wikinomics and Crowdsourcing. So I have a question for you — since this is a space for truth. Let’s begin with a fantastic supposition. … Continue reading The Wisdom of Crowd-a-people

Short-cut draw blood

There is a flurry of coverage available now regarding reports that the JLP-formed GOJ (Government of Jamaica) is considering a program of preventative detention. This is a proposal that has been pushed by Sunday Gleaner columnist Don Robotham for some time, when he was not too busy deriding the capacity of those he regards as “lumpen” to participate in the Jamaican political process. Simultaneously there … Continue reading Short-cut draw blood

The “Shoot Poor People” School of Crime Fighting

Jamaica Gleaner op-ed columnist Vernon Daley tells a harrowing tale in today’s column titled “Beware the Panic Button.” He was a passer-by shortly after the shooting of (7) seven people in a drive-by shooting, and his passengers, shaken after witnessing the horrors of that crime’s aftermath expressed a desire to see a “shoot first, questions after” model of policing take effect in Jamaica. Is the solution really to … Continue reading The “Shoot Poor People” School of Crime Fighting