This is a meta-post about blogging. As I pass 2,000 page views I-and-I would be remiss if I didn’t say THANKS. Thanks for reading this blog, for making it worthwhile to continue. When I started this endeavor I wasn’t sure how it would be received, especially since it was started at a time when I felt there was  a lot of unfair criticism being directly … Continue reading Thanks

This blog is not your enemy

This is an open letter to tell all editors, journalists, columnists and stenographers calling yourselves journalists: This blog is not your enemy. This blog is a fan,  a friend. This blog wishes you well. This blog follows your work closely, reads your lines and then between your lines. Can this blog not be forgiven for thereafter scribbling in the margins? For standing up for those … Continue reading This blog is not your enemy

Come up for air, Clovis

There can be no denying that Clovis is a talented illustrator and satirist. Las May is the only other regular political/social cartoonist in Jamaica  enjoying wide publication and there is simply no comparison as Clovis is in color and more colorful! Which is exactly why Clovis’ renderings are heart-rending for their partisan attacks on PNP politicians, and for the flagrantly misogynistic and homophobic cheap-shot humor … Continue reading Come up for air, Clovis

The “Shoot Poor People” School of Crime Fighting

Jamaica Gleaner op-ed columnist Vernon Daley tells a harrowing tale in today’s column titled “Beware the Panic Button.” He was a passer-by shortly after the shooting of (7) seven people in a drive-by shooting, and his passengers, shaken after witnessing the horrors of that crime’s aftermath expressed a desire to see a “shoot first, questions after” model of policing take effect in Jamaica. Is the solution really to … Continue reading The “Shoot Poor People” School of Crime Fighting