The Economist pokes fun at Jamaican business class

First Magazine Online, has a link to an Economist piece noting the murder of the JUTC Chairman Doug Chambers and the fight against corruption. My favorite part of the Economist article is quoted below noting the main business lobby doesn’t seem down with the effort to clean up corruption in Jamaica. “Not everyone has been applauding the new government’s efforts [though]. The main business lobby … Continue reading The Economist pokes fun at Jamaican business class

A wha dat?

Many of us are familiar with the American phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” So reading the Jamaica Gleaner, unfortunately one only has five words that come to mind when looking at their pictures online, “what the hell is that?” You have to wonder if the Gleaner has professional photographers, or if they’re just too cheap to provide their photographers with camera equipment … Continue reading A wha dat?

Come up for air, Clovis

There can be no denying that Clovis is a talented illustrator and satirist. Las May is the only other regular political/social cartoonist in Jamaica  enjoying wide publication and there is simply no comparison as Clovis is in color and more colorful! Which is exactly why Clovis’ renderings are heart-rending for their partisan attacks on PNP politicians, and for the flagrantly misogynistic and homophobic cheap-shot humor … Continue reading Come up for air, Clovis