A Conscience Meta-Post

Jamaica is a nation governed by murderers, and long before the vote on Tuesday to retain hanging we knew that the “leaders” of Jamaica were amoral demagogues who will murder so long as it is politically expedient to do so. I’m blogging about blogging so please forgive the stream of consciousness writing-style, but I have been dutifully laboring to avoid making certain assertions here that … Continue reading A Conscience Meta-Post

Depicting Gayness in the Observer

While the Gleaner may have qualms and concerns about depicting homosexuality among men on its pages, the Jamaica Observer is intrepid via its publication of Clovis’ cartoon from the past Thursday. Unfortunately, I don’t think the whole homosexuality issue is relevant to the discussion of putting prisoners to work. And it is telling how stretching to try to include it cost Clovis his funniness and … Continue reading Depicting Gayness in the Observer

Portia Simpson-Miller Mania?

My darling Portia: Pootus — they have discovered our love dearest; and are now intent to pull us apart… So must begin my love letter to the Most Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller, Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition; and apparently the “political love” of my life. At least according to Mark Wignall, in his recent Wignall’s World Sunday column he says: There are a few online … Continue reading Portia Simpson-Miller Mania?


To err is human. As a consequence I make mistakes. Just yesterday while attending Bruce Golding’s Town Hall meeting in Brooklyn, where I was live-blogging on my cellphone via Twitter, I blogged that Lorna Golding is in the house — though not on stage. Unfortunately at the moment I was making that statement Lorna Golding was 1 of only 3 people on stage. Now in … Continue reading Errata

Not so much tings to say right now

For weeks leading up to the actual event, the main daily papers in Jamaica had a field-day writing few revelatory hard news pieces but many editorials about the campaign for the PNP presidency. Yet having fallen just shy of an outright endorsement for Peter Phillips, the losing candidate in the PNP presidential campaign, both major national dailies have comparatively little to say about the recent … Continue reading Not so much tings to say right now

Inna rub a dub style

The much-maligned Mrs. Portia Simpson-Miller; current president of the seventy-year-old People’s National Party; has survived the unprecedented leadership challenge by long-time party stalwart Dr. Peter Phillips. Previously, no incumbent president of the People’s National Party has ever faced a challenger for re-election to the post. This win comes despite the relentless bias Mrs. Simpson-Miller faced from the two Jamaican national daily newspapers; which both fell … Continue reading Inna rub a dub style