The Myth of the Jamaica Wreck-tangle

Most of us have heard of the Bermuda Triangle, that supposedly mysterious place where laws of physics and gravity may not always be operative; where airplanes and ships that have traveled all around the world develop peculiar mechanical problems which lead them to crash. The Bermuda Triangle may or may not be a myth; but it bears close resemblance to another proposed geometric shape that … Continue reading The Myth of the Jamaica Wreck-tangle

The Wisdom of Crowd-a-people

So I have been reading these books this year about a technological revolution taking place in the world. The Wisdom of Crowds, and The Starfish and the Spider. Plus I have just identified two more to read soon (hopefully this year): Wikinomics and Crowdsourcing. So I have a question for you — since this is a space for truth. Let’s begin with a fantastic supposition. … Continue reading The Wisdom of Crowd-a-people

Open Letter to Reporters Without Borders

I sent the letter below the RSF as I was disturbed at the high rank of Jamaica in comparison what most people here acknowledge to be reality. _____________________________________________________________ To: “Reporters Without Borders”; “Reporters Without Borders Americas Desk”; “Reporters Without Borders Internet Desk” Dear Sir/Madam: As a patriotic natural-born Jamaican, I am ever-eager to see Jamaica rank as highly as possible on the … Continue reading Open Letter to Reporters Without Borders

Jamaica’s press freedom ranking

The press in Jamaica are more free than the press in the United States of America. So says the organization Reporters Sans Frontieres (Reporters Without Borders) in the release of its World Press Freedom Index 2008 report, compiled to represent press freedom between September 1, 2007 and September 1, 2008. The report, released on October 22nd, gave Jamaica a ranking of #21. In comparison, the … Continue reading Jamaica’s press freedom ranking

Depicting Gayness in the Gleaner

Today the Jamaica Gleaner has printed a wire service article by the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) about the changing attitudes towards homosexuality in the Caribbean. And the article as-printed is interesting enough, but what interested me more is editorial choice of the picture accompanying the article. Let me explain why it is such an interesting choice. I looked at the original CMC text as cached … Continue reading Depicting Gayness in the Gleaner

Doing Business in Jamaica

The World Bank is out with their annual Doing Business Report, an examination of  countries in order to rank the countries that are most and least friendly to a start-up business from a government regulation and bureaucracy perspective. Someone should alert the Jamaican press as to date they’ve failed to publish and analyze the implications of this report, though I’m certain they’ll get to it … Continue reading Doing Business in Jamaica