A GOLDen Opportunity

Having previously made no secret that I think it is essential for the governing JLP to increase their effective majority in Gordon House without having to hold a series of by-elections or a snap general election; it is time to acknowledge the rich and unique opportunity that the recently concluded PNP presidential election represents for the governing JLP and their leader Bruce Golding. Back in … Continue reading A GOLDen Opportunity

To the Editor, Sir

Commenter “Verle” on a recent post inquired what I thought of Mike Henry’sĀ  letter to the editor at the Observer published on Friday. Letters to the Editor (LTEs) especially rub me the wrong way as I know for a fact that the Jamaica Gleaner, and would hypothesize that the Jamaica Observer, do not print coherently written LTE’s by unconnected and non-privileged Jamaicans who write to … Continue reading To the Editor, Sir

They call it murder

….Welcome to JamDown! Poor people a dead at random, Political violence can’t done, Bare ghost and phantom…. Damien “Junior Gong” Marley, lyrics – Welcome to JamRock I wish the Jamaica media would clamor for the full repeal of Jamaican oppressive sections of libel laws with the same zest and zeal that they advocate for the summary execution of those Jamaican citizens who are caught red-handed … Continue reading They call it murder