A moment brought to you by old time people

Seeing Las May’s cartoon today; coming as we approach Golding’s 1-year anniversary in office; I am reminded of a fable by those ubiquitous Jamaican “old time people.” Hog ask him mother; “Mummy why yu mouth so long?” To which his mother responded “Grow come, a world you dey.” I think the PM would have heard that one throughout his whole first year. Once again, I … Continue reading A moment brought to you by old time people

Come up for air, Clovis

There can be no denying that Clovis is a talented illustrator and satirist. Las May is the only other regular political/social cartoonist in Jamaica¬† enjoying wide publication and there is simply no comparison as Clovis is in color and more colorful! Which is exactly why Clovis’ renderings are heart-rending for their partisan attacks on PNP politicians, and for the flagrantly misogynistic and homophobic cheap-shot humor … Continue reading Come up for air, Clovis