Uncritical Acclaim

Increasingly I am of the opinion that the muddled thinking in op-eds and ridiculous assertions in news pieces are the motive behind the fear that has prevented our local media from employing reader feedback systems like comments and forums. Especially given our people’s capacity for cheekiness. Knowing that comments will be made on their writing tends to have an improving effect on a writer as … Continue reading Uncritical Acclaim

Come up for air, Clovis

There can be no denying that Clovis is a talented illustrator and satirist. Las May is the only other regular political/social cartoonist in Jamaica  enjoying wide publication and there is simply no comparison as Clovis is in color and more colorful! Which is exactly why Clovis’ renderings are heart-rending for their partisan attacks on PNP politicians, and for the flagrantly misogynistic and homophobic cheap-shot humor … Continue reading Come up for air, Clovis

Propaganda: Poppyshow have dem gang

On the first page of Chapter 1  in his book Manufacturing Consent, Noam Chomsky points out that mass media serves as a propaganda system for wealthy class interests. In countries where the levers of power are in the hands of a state bureaucracy, the monopolistic control over the media, often supplemented by official censorship, makes it clear that the media serves the ends of a dominant elite. It … Continue reading Propaganda: Poppyshow have dem gang

The “Shoot Poor People” School of Crime Fighting

Jamaica Gleaner op-ed columnist Vernon Daley tells a harrowing tale in today’s column titled “Beware the Panic Button.” He was a passer-by shortly after the shooting of (7) seven people in a drive-by shooting, and his passengers, shaken after witnessing the horrors of that crime’s aftermath expressed a desire to see a “shoot first, questions after” model of policing take effect in Jamaica. Is the solution really to … Continue reading The “Shoot Poor People” School of Crime Fighting