Charity Case

As pointed out by reader Esteban Agosto Reid, the William J. Clinton Foundation; the charity foundation led by the 42nd American president, Bill Clinton; received a donation from the Government of Jamaica of an amount between USD $50, 000 to $100,000. The following is intended then to let you know exactly what I know, and more importantly some of what we don’t know — questions … Continue reading Charity Case

Pros and Cons of Portia Continuing

From my perch way Up So, I tend to believe that the main reason that Portia Simpson-Miller has managed to defeat Dr. Peter Phillips in the recently concluded PNP presidential elections is due to Phillips’ decision to spend so much time focusing on Portia with negative criticism and attacks. This position of his was necessary to justify his unprecedented challenge to a sitting PNP president … Continue reading Pros and Cons of Portia Continuing

The Portia Standard

As Bruce Golding’s administration passes its first anniversary since inauguration, I have been meditating on a question: What indeed is the real difference between the respective administrations of Portia Simpson-Miller and Bruce Golding? To listen to many in the media tell it, Golding is leaps and bounds ahead of Portia in competence and performance. Where Portia’s 18-month tenure as Prime Minister was almost universally panned, … Continue reading The Portia Standard